Whats in your family's drinking water?

Whats in your family's drinking water?



I cant help being political in social media



There have been many discussions over the years in Activerain about maintaining a neutral position in political issues so as to not alienate any potential business.  Ive been in the business for 12 years and always felt that perhaps that it was best to remain apolitical and leave those discussions to have only with social friends.


Can we really say that politics has no bearing on real estate and community?  Based on the experiences of our AR friends, Andrea Swindler Denials and Discrimination With a Bank of America Short Sale” , or Gail Robinson Today I Was Told by BOA My Home is Going into Foreclosure” , I’d say that politics and the economy are intrinsic to real estate.


Over the last few years I have acquired more and more friends on my facebook account, and more realtors and professionals I do business with.  This is probably where my lines first started to blur about mixing politics with real estate.


As our post-post modern world becomes more chaotic, I really find I cant hold myself back from expressing my opinions on the issues that matter the most to me.  One of those issues is the fluoridation of water.


This is a very informative video about fluoride from an attorney who represents Fluoride Alert Network fluoridealert.org



I signed this Petition to remove fluoride from Connecticut Drinking water.  Many communities across the US have also joined in petitioning to remove this additive from public water, some successfully like Dallas.  If we see something in our communities we don’t agree with, its imperative to be take some action to make our world a better place.  If we try to remain impartial or neutral, then we are not really participating members of our community.